Working Memory


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. Working with Cogmed, NeuroCognitive Fitness is able to combine cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to our users. Our solutions include easy-to-use software and personal support.


Working Memory (WM) is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short period of time (seconds) and be able to use the information in your thinking. It is a system for temporary storage and manipulation of information and is necessary for a wide range of cognitive tasks. WM is the search engine of the brain.


Neuroplasticity makes WM training possible. Neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the human brain to change as a result of one’s experience, that the brain is ‘plastic’ and ‘malleable.’ The discovery of this feature of the brain is rather modern; the previous belief amongst scientists was that the brain does not change after the critical period of infancy.


Science behind Working Memory training:
● Scientific: designed by leading neuroscientists
● Adaptive: in real time
● Intensive: hard work
● Sustained: 25 sessions
● Supported: your coach will be there
● Targeted: WM only


● Training done at home on a PC
● Supported by a coach from a Cogmed practice
● Five weeks of training – five times per week (25 sessions)
● Each session is 30-45 minutes
● The results tracked online on the Cogmed Training Web
● After intensive training: Cogmed Extension Training


Working memory is key for academic performance


In a recent study, Working Memory was shown to be a better predictor of academic success than intelligence measures!


  • 10-15% of all students have working memory deficits
  • Students with working memory deficits perform below average in all areas of learning
  • Working Memory is crucial for math, reading comprehension, complex problem solving, and test taking

Working memory can be improved by intensive training

Why a principal would want Cogmed in their school


  • Changes in classroom behavior
  • Math & reading comprehension are key areas for improvement
  • Results are proven in research
  • “Working Memory is the engine of learning”
  • Working Memory deficits are prevalent in school children

Working Memory and ADHD


  • Most children with ADHD have moderate to serious weaknesses in working memory
  • Working memory weaknesses are more strongly related to symptoms of inattention than symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity
  • Working Memory deficits are prevalent in school children


Working Memory impacts your daily life

● Organization
● Concentration
● Problem Solving
● Remembering

The research breakthrough – your working memory is not fixed…

● Working memory can be improved by intensive and systematic training
● The improvement translates to improved attention
● The effects are strong and lasting