Would you like to know how your brain works and how to make it work better? NeuroCognitive Fitness LLC was launched in 2005 with the vision of providing individuals and families with Comprehensive, Confidential, and Customized Brain Fitness Solutions. The mission has always been to offer only evidence-based assessments, training modalities, and services to help concierge clients optimize their cognitive and emotional capacities.


Thank you for your interest, and know you will appreciate how our unsurpassed combination of exceptional individualized assessments and customized brain optimization programs can help ensure our minds and brains keep up with our active and busy lives. NCF specializes in using neurotechnology to optimize body and brain electrophysiology and psychophysiology.

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Learn how your brain works and how to make it work better. Seasoned counselor, researcher and speaker on brain fitness, Dee O’Neill shares her model of Measure, Monitor and Manage, to Maximize Brain Fitness. Purchase her book on Amazon today!


“Neurocognition” refers to the higher brain functions: learning, remembering, concentrating, solving problems, and making decisions. Neurocognitive processes are active in virtually all of our day-to-day activities. Neurocognitive testing helps clinicians evaluate and describe the health of the cognitive or higher functions of the brain. NeruoCognitive Assessment allows our team to best ascertain brain fitness levels and customize a brain optimization program that comprehensively addresses the client’s goals and objectives.


The simplest analogy that has been used is that neurofeedback is like learning to ride a bike. Our brains learn best from direct experience and conditioning, that is what training with neurofeedback is like. As we learn to ride a bike, gravity gives “feedback“ to our brain. In a similar way, neurofeedback, via complex hardware and software, gives the brain a way to see itself in action. The brain then learns to stay in a more efficient and effective pattern.


Cogmed is an evidence-based intervention for improved working memory. Working Memory (WM) is the first brain function to decline as we age and the primary contributor to concerns with attention and focus for both children and adults. WM can best be described as “active attention.” Cogmed is for anyone with a working memory deficit, or a bottleneck in their short-term, active attention capabilities.


Dynamic, interactive, and passionate, Dee’s presentations make sense to all business people from startup entrepreneurs to long-time career professionals. Dee shares powerful messages that motivate, challenge, and excite her audiences. A popular educator and speaker, Dee constantly exceeds the expectation of her audiences by zeroing in on the pulse of her audience and seemingly has the ability to speak to each individual. She entices people to stretch their commonly held health practices so they can excel with incorporating simple and proven ideas.


Healthier employees are more productive, so a corporate wellness program is fundamental to a healthier bottom line. In fact, studies show that the average ROI for a corporate physical activity program is $4 for every $1 spent. NeuroCognitive Fitness LLC offers a variety of fitness and wellness programs to engage and motivate your employees. Below are the health enhancement solutions we offer:

  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Personal Employee Assessment Results Review
  • On-site or Club-based Health Screenings
  • Health Fairs/On-site Customized Events