Neurofeedback Internship & Consultation for Licensed Health Care Professionals


1 .Hands-on experience in providing protocol placements at various sites.

2. Hands-on experience working with the neurofeedback equipment during an actual session.

3. Observing a check-in session before an actual session and seeing how senior clinicians determine protocol selections.

4. Observing an actual initial screening session including the full-assessment process.

5. Observing actual flow of clients in a busy neurofeedback clinic setting.

6. Observing real-life dilemmas in a clinical setting such as coping with equipment failure, side effects, and the administrative issues of running a neurotherapy practice.

7. Observing traditional neurofeedback protocols as well as counseling/coaching and peripheral biofeedback methods such as hand warming, respiration, and Heart Rate Variability.

8. Learning time-saving tips and headache-saving good habits before starting neurofeedback in your own practice.



1. Hold a license to practice independently in a medical or mental health field OR be employed full-time by someone who is supervising you on-site with full-time face-to-face supervision (this must be verified by a letter from your employer or supervisor with a copy of their license).

2. Complete an introductory neurofeedback 4-day training prior to beginning internship.

3. Only one intern per clinic allowed at one time. Non-clinician interns may not sit in during sensitive history-taking or evaluations; they may only observe general day-to-day operations and actual sessions. (Non-clinician interns must accompany their clinical supervisor.)


Office hours are typically from 8am – 6pm


Option I:  Unlimited Internship for One Year

There is a one-time fee of $1,500 for the internship.  This fee includes:

  1. Attendance for one year during regular clinic hours for observation, supervision, and hands-on delivery of neurofeedback services. May attend as often and as many hours as desired for one year.
  2. Copies of all clinic forms, including symptom checklists, and administrative forms such as informed consents and HIPPA forms.
Option II: Part-time Limited Internship
  1. This type of internship is typically used by out-of town practitioners.  The fee for each full day of internship is $400. This does not include one-on-one time.
  2. Fees for half day internships are $200. This includes any amount of time spent at the clinic for up to 4 hours.
  3. Neither Option I nor II include one-on-one time with Dee O’Neill. Face-to-face individual time for supervision or consultation will be charged at her regular hourly rate of $150 (see below).
Option III: One-On-One Consultation or Supervision

Dee O’Neill charges an hourly fee for one-on-one consultation or supervision which is $150 per hour. (Consultation refers to any type of continuing education and supervision refers to discussion of your clinical caseload for BCIA certification and/or licensure.) Consultation or supervision time can be spent according to your clinical needs and may be spent providing your own personal neurofeedback session. Other options include phone consultations.  Phone consultations may be purchased in one-hour blocks and may be used in 15 min. increments.  Payment can be made via checks, cash, or credit card.



Please email us at [email protected] and send us a copy of your license and CV and call the office at 469-237-5612 to schedule your internship. If you will be applying your internship time with us towards BCIA certification, you will need to call Judy Crawford at BCIA prior to starting your internship to begin the paperwork with BCIA; otherwise, your hours with us may not count.  Judy can be reached at 303-420-2902.